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Instant Tax Relief for Real Estate Agents (ISBN: 0-324-20143-5) is the ONLY resource focused on helping you keep as much of your hard-won commissions as possible!

Author Ed Lyon is a tax consultant and financial planner who helps agents and real estate professionals save thousands in taxes. He has appeared on over 100 radio and television broadcasts, including CNN's Saturday Morning and Sunday Morning, CNBC's Power Lunch, MSNBC's Morning Blend and Today in America, Fox News Channel's Fox on Money and Fox News Now, and even The Roseanne Show, which dubbed him "the funniest tax guy in America."

Learn How to Keep MORE Money!

Now, South-Western, a Thomson Learning Business, brings you Ed's plain-English guide to keeping MORE of your money. Instant Tax Relief for Real Estate Agents offers 6 easy-to-understand sections outlining how the tax system works, what you need to know about starting your business, tax strategies for buying residential and commercial property, and the most comprehensive list of deductions,credits, loopholes, and strategies for agents anywhere. Valuable planning guides, filing guides, "land mines," and internet guides flesh out these strategies and give you the tools to help plan and prepare your financial future. You'll discover:

Fans of Ed and his expertise had this to say:

"The self-employed medical reimbursement plan strategy saved me several thousand dollars this year alone. I'm looking forward to saving thousands of dollars every year using the strategies found in Instant Tax Relief."
James Guarino, Nashville, TN

"City, state, and federal tax savings was $2,487. Thanks, thanks, thanks!"
Alfred & Jackie Titus, Cincinnati, OH

"We estimate that we have saved about $1,800 in 2001, just by utilizing one aspect of your system."
Richard and Roxanne Martinez, Vista, CA

About the Author: Ed Lyon is a former Legislative Analyst for Representatives Jack Kemp and Dick Cheney and a graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Ed has created tax-planning systems for entrepreneurs, investors, and families, and delivers seminars and workshops to audiences across the country. Learn more about what Ed Lyon can do for you at

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